Madelyn videos

Here are some of the videos we have taken of Madelyn with our digital (MiniDV) video camera or iPhone. Files are named with the date taken (year, month, day) with a letter at the end to differentiate between videos taken on the same day. There's a short description for each file as well. I included the filesizes so those with a modem or other slower connection will know which videos are feasible to download. As always, I suggest downloading the video to your machine before watching it (right-click, save target as) so you can watch as many times as you want. If the files are too large for you to download, contact me and I can send a CD to you with these videos on it. (57.4 MB)
The aftermath of the cake on a messy Madelyn. (104.38 MB)
Madelyn trying some cake, mostly the icing. (47.88 MB)
Madelyn opening up her favorite book, The Three Bears. (48.86 MB)
Madelyn opening some presents. (15.23 MB)
Singing Happy Birthday to Madelyn