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December 12, 2005 We got to go to Disneyworld while I was in Orlando for business. Pictures are located at

October 15, 2005 We recently returned from a weeklong trip up to Virginia and back down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Pictures of family and scenery are located at

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[hi] [low] July 03, 2003

[hi] [low] March 31, 2011 Charlotte in her Girl Scout uniform. (18 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 28, 2011 Charlotte modeling her new glasses. (27 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 25, 2010 Eight-year old Charlotte. (27 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 30, 2010 Charlotte with mismatched clothes for school. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 28, 2010 Charlotte with crazy hair. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 25, 2010 Charlotte ready for her first day of second grade. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 02, 2008 Charlotte all dolled up at a friend's birthday party at Little Diva's Day Out. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 30, 2007 Joshua had pictures taken in bed for his birthday. Charlotte felt jealous, so here she is. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] November 21, 2007 Charlotte after a friend's princess birthday party. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 17, 2007 Charlotte playing one of Daddy's Guitar Hero guitars. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 02, 2007 Charlotte wanted to have her picture taken with Sloan, one of our cats. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 15, 2007 Charlotte ready for her first day of preschool. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 19, 2007 Charlotte posing at her dance recital. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 18, 2007 Charlotte with her class at her dance dress rehearsal. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 19, 2007 Charlotte at her school musical performance, the Ugly Bug Ball. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 18, 2007 Joshua was getting pictures in a new sweater, and Charlotte was feeling left out. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 07, 2007 Charlotte in her dance recital costume at picture day. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] February 17, 2007 Charlotte with some of the cast from the Beauty and the Beast musical. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 01, 2007 Charlotte in the snow with her snowman. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 03, 2007 Charlotte in her pajamas with plenty of accessories. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 15, 2006 Charlotte's Christmas present for Mommy and Daddy. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 10, 2006 Charlotte helping with the Christmas tree lights. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] December 07, 2006 Charlotte in her school Christmas program. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 28, 2006 Charlotte going back to school for the first time in a while after being sick. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 11, 2006 Charlotte at her friend Kate's princess birthday party. (10 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 05, 2006 Charlotte had her birthday party today at Tumblebeez, a gymnastics place here in town. It has trampoline floors, lots of things to climb on, and a huge pit full of foam blocks to jump and play in. (24 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 25, 2006 Charlotte turned 4 today. She got to dress up for a party at church, then came home and talked on the phone in her new bed. (13 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 18, 2006 Charlotte showing off her new snowflake sweater. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 25, 2006 Charlotte riding her bike on the patio. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 05, 2006 Charlotte enjoying her new sweater and hat. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 30, 2006 Charlotte before her first dance class this year, with a mimicking brother and a bright-eyed cat watching. (13 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 18, 2006 Charlotte mugging for the camera. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] August 17, 2006 Charlotte ready for her first day of preschool. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 09, 2006 Charlotte painting a birdhouse, and getting a *little* paint on herself. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 03, 2006 Charlotte the go-go dancer ready to hit the clubs. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 28, 2006 Charlotte posing with a flapper statue in Helen. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 26, 2006 Charlotte modeling a lovely pink wig. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 24, 2006 Charlotte the flower girl getting ready for Laurie's wedding, walking down the aisle, and dancing at the reception. (23 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 23, 2006 Charlotte the flower girl modeling her dress and practicing tossing (and picking back up) flower petals. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 10, 2006 Charlotte sunbathing and playing in the water while Mommy crochets. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 07, 2006 Charlotte mugging for the camera. You can see the platter she and Joshua made for Mother's Day in the background. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] May 26, 2006 Charlotte with her aunts Breya, Remington, and McKinley at her uncle Matthew's high school graduation. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 20, 2006 Pictures from Charlotte's dance recital. The pictures of the dancing have a good bit of motion blur because the camera tried to adjust for the darkness in the theater... Oh well. (10 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 19, 2006 Charlotte after her dance recital. There is also a new video of Charlotte's dance recital at (1 picture)

[hi] [low] May 08, 2006 Charlotte's dollhouse mommy had to have knitting needles and yarn to be like Charlotte's mommy. Also, Charlotte just finished her first creation with her knitting machine, a shrug. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 23, 2006 Charlotte experimenting with makeup. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 12, 2006 Charlotte enjoying having three ponytails. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 11, 2006 Charlotte mugging for the camera. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 07, 2006 Charlotte just got her dress for her ballet recital. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 13, 2006 Charlotte enjoying her new pigeon book. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 09, 2006 Charlotte in her pajamas with fancy hair and a toothy smile. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 25, 2005 Charlotte the princess in her new wagon and eating some Christmas cookies. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 17, 2005 Charlotte at Grandma and Grandpa Grenier's house playing her new drum and trying out her roller skates. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 16, 2005 Charlotte on the train, with a rather large sucker, and watching the "snow" bubbles at Stone Mountain's Christmas. (8 pictures)

October 31, 2005 Halloween pictures are on the kids' page.

[hi] [low] October 30, 2005 Charlotte swinging at the playground. (3 pictures)

[hi/low] October 29, 2005 Charlotte got her 3-year-old pictures from Sears today. These will probably only be up for a short time since I'm sure they're copyrighted. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 25, 2005 Charlotte turned 3 years old today. Happy birthday, Charlotte! There is also a new video of her cake and presents. (14 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 19, 2005 Charlotte wanted to wear glasses like Mommy, so we found her some clear-lens sunglasses. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 18, 2005 Charlotte with a new dress-up kit, including mask. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 29, 2005 Charlotte ready for her first dance class tomorrow. (14 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 23, 2005 Charlotte wearing a hat from her favorite knitting store. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] August 05, 2005 Charlotte in bed with a good book. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] August 04, 2005 Charlotte the salad eater with a huge plate of it. (9 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 02, 2005 Charlotte with her Ernie toy. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 30, 2005 Charlotte with bubbles on her head. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] July 23, 2005 Charlotte getting ready for a party, then some pictures from the party at a gymnastics place. (9 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 21, 2005 Charlotte's drawing of a door. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] July 01, 2005 Charlotte showing off her new tank top Mommy made. (18 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 24, 2005 Charlotte in her favorite place: on Daddy's shoulders with two handfuls of hair. She climbs up and says, "Hold on tight! Here we go! I need a horsey!" (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 23, 2005 Charlotte watering plants, then spinning in circles. (17 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 19, 2005 Charlotte helping wash the car. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 15, 2005 Charlotte with her new bike. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 04, 2005 Charlotte playing at WaterWorks at the Botanical Garden. (17 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 29, 2005 Charlotte got to go to a petting zoo today. She got to feed lots of different animals, including deer, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and a donkey. She got to pet some baby goats and hold some tiny rabbits, and then play on swings (a regular swing and a horse swing) and play with a tetherball. (21 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 26, 2005 Charlotte playing in the pool in the backyard. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 23, 2005 Charlotte showing off her big girl Care Bears panties. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] May 21, 2005 Charlotte wearing her glasses from her doctor's kit. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 13, 2005 Charlotte measuring herself. She says she's "pretty full". (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 04, 2005 Charlotte pinning Mommy in a basket. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 27, 2005 Charlotte practicing her angry face. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 16, 2005 Charlotte in braids. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 12, 2005 Charlotte playing outside: eating a sandwich in her house, riding her bike, swinging, playing with sticks and pine cones, and lying down in the leaves. One of our cats, Ferris, was jealous that she got to go outside and he didn't. (22 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 31, 2005 We just got our new digital camera in the mail today. and it's amazing how much better it is than our video camera. The first picture isn't very well focused, but the latter three show some incredible detail on the hair, eyes, and teeth, especially at full size (click thumbnails for full size, but note that they are very large pictures). I haven't yet decided what to do with these pictures to make them more manageable, but it will come with the site redesign at some point. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 06, 2005 Charlotte making funny faces on the couch. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 22, 2004 Charlotte wearing a hat Mommy made for charity. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 01, 2004 Charlotte dressed up in her princess costume. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 30, 2004 Charlotte dressed up in her duck costume for Halloween. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 25, 2004 Charlotte in her new playhouse on her birthday. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] October 05, 2004 Charlotte in her formal dining outfit. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] September 10, 2004 Charlotte in her sundress. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] September 08, 2004 Charlotte hanging out in the house. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] August 24, 2004 Charlotte with a bucket on her head, then posing with her new sweater Mommy made her. (9 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 22, 2004 Charlotte at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, riding in a wagon and playing in the water. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 20, 2004 Charlotte in her bathing suit, and Daddy wearing Charlotte's hat. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 17, 2004 Charlotte taking a bath in Mommy and Daddy's nice big bathtub. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 02, 2004 Charlotte in her new sweater, then in pigtails eating Cheerios and peeking through a mirror. (14 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 07, 2004 Charlotte wearing a green tank top from Mommy with her favorite hat. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 23, 2004 Charlotte in her swimsuit in her pool. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 22, 2004 Charlotte coloring, putting on makeup, and giving big smiles. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 15, 2004 You can tell where Charlotte likes to spend her time (the store again, of course)! (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 11, 2004 Charlotte running around in Mommy's high heels. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 08, 2004 Charlotte visiting Mommy's yarn store, coloring and having a good time. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 07, 2004 Charlotte in a tank top Mommy made, with a Krispy Kreme hat and a cookie. (9 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 26, 2004 Charlotte eating her rice krispies and milk. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 21, 2004 Charlotte visiting Mommy's store. (13 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 13, 2004 Charlotte looking very hip with a backward hat and using a computer dongle as a phone. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 12, 2004 Charlotte in her current favorite hat. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] April 11, 2004 Charlotte in her Easter dress reading a book, and a family picture. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 06, 2004 Charlotte talking to Daddy on the phone when she couldn't sleep (her back molars are coming in). (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 05, 2004 Charlotte figuring out how to crochet. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 24, 2004 Charlotte hanging upside down. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 23, 2004 Charlotte in a chair with necklaces and Mommy's slippers. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] March 19, 2004 Charlotte with Daddy. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] March 18, 2004 Charlotte wearing a feather boa, necklaces, and a medal. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 14, 2004 Charlotte wearing a baseball cap. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 19, 2004 Charlotte playing with a ball in our backyard. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 17, 2004 Charlotte ready for story time. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 15, 2004 We couldn't decide if Charlotte was hungry or sleepy. I guess we got our answer. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 02, 2004 Charlotte practicing her knitting. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 11, 2004 Charlotte wearing some of Daddy's medals. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 08, 2004 Charlotte tired from eating. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 05, 2004 Charlotte dressed up to brave the cold. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 03, 2004 Charlotte listening to music and singing. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 02, 2004 Charlotte showing off her pigtails. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 24, 2003 Charlotte trying to leave the house through the front door using Mommy's keys. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 22, 2003 Charlotte wearing some clothes upside down on her head (of her own doing). (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 25, 2003 Charlotte sleeping in her old car seat in front of her computer. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 10, 2003 Charlotte enjoying herself on Daddy's computer. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 31, 2003 Pictures of Charlotte in her bumblebee costume, including a couple next to the ceramic pumpkin featured in last Halloween's pictures (for size comparison). (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 30, 2003 Pictures of Charlotte sitting next to our jack-o-lantern. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 25, 2003 Charlotte enjoying her birthday cake. (18 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 22, 2003 Charlotte showing off her seven teeth and lots of smiles. (10 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 06, 2003 Charlotte in one of her latest poses, snuggled up to whoever's around (Mommy in this case) holding on to clothes and sucking her thumb. These pictures are actually while she's standing up. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 13, 2003 Charlotte enjoying a bath, followed by wrinkly feet pictures. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 11, 2003 Charlotte in her crib after removing her own diaper, and then playing with the roll of toilet paper. (9 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 30, 2003 Charlotte fallen asleep on Daddy's lap. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] August 12, 2003 Charlotte making goofy faces and being stuck under a chair. (10 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 30, 2003 Closeups of Charlotte's face. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 27, 2003 Charlotte enjoying one of her favorite pastimes: typing on the keyboard. *UPDATED* New pictures of Charlotte reading a book. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 25, 2003 Charlotte turned nine months old today! She has a new squinty eyed smile she likes to give, but will only consistently do it for me and not anyone else. (14 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 14, 2003 More high chair pictures. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 07, 2003 Charlotte in her high chair, as well as one of our cats, Ferris, in a window. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] July 03, 2003 New pictures, finally, after baby and mommy got back from vacation in Georgia and Florida. (33 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 05, 2003 Charlotte in a laundry basket. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 30, 2003 Charlotte sitting up and watching TV in a Boppy. (31 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 21, 2003 Charlotte having a good time in her rocker chair. (17 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 17, 2003 Quite a few pictures, including Charlotte playing dentist, some closeups, and Charlotte with a hat. (25 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 16, 2003 A couple closeups of Charlotte. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 11, 2003 Charlotte eating her feet and, in general, being cute. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 09, 2003 Pictures of Charlotte after eating some carrots. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 30, 2003 Charlotte with a messy face after eating cereal in her high chair. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 26, 2003 Charlotte practicing sitting up, and working on holding her head up while on her stomach. (17 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 20, 2003 Easter pictures. Charlotte is finding the toys that the Easter bunny left in her basket. (27 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 09, 2003 A couple pictures of Charlotte drinking from a bottle. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 05, 2003 Today, Charlotte got to go to Great-grandma Swallows' house where she met (and played with) her second cousin Mark and his mother, Therese. The last couple pictures are at home, where she decided her foot looked tasty. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 04, 2003 Charlotte modeling a cute sundress and bonnet. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 02, 2003 Charlotte feeding herself with a bottle, as well as some sleeping. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 01, 2003 Charlotte playing in her chair, then more sleeping in her crib. (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 31, 2003 Some more Charlotte sleeping in her crib. We try to keep her on her back, but she seems to be much happier on her stomach these days. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 26, 2003 Charlotte in her swing, hanging out with (and licking) her dinosaur. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 25, 2003 Some closeups of five-month-old Charlotte, including a couple with scary light effects. (14 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 24, 2003 Charlotte sleeping in her crib. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 15, 2003 And now, by popular demand (you know who you are), pictures of Charlotte with mommy, who is very proud of her body's recovery from pregnancy. (8 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 04, 2003 Pictures of Charlotte in her swing, and some of her getting dressed. (9 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 01, 2003 Charlotte rolling around on the floor. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 28, 2003 A picture of Charlotte's favorite sleeping position. She has a tooth now (bottom right), though you can't see it here. (1 picture)

[hi] [low] February 13, 2003 Pictures of Charlotte dancing and kicking her feet. (14 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 06, 2003 Two updates in 24 hours! How about that? (18 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 05, 2003 Charlotte in her swing. She's not quite centered in some pictures because the swing was moving at the time. (16 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 16, 2003 Charlotte playing in her bouncy chair. (18 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 15, 2003 Charlotte sleeping. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 06, 2003 Some pictures of Charlotte in a jogging outfit. (7 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 25, 2002 Christmas pictures of 2-month old Charlotte. (31 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 19, 2002 Pictures of Charlotte making all kinds of faces, including a lot of smiles, a yawn, and a sneeze. (33 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 14, 2002 Some pictures of Charlotte at my graduation, including one with Buzz, the Georgia Tech mascot. (4 pictures)

[hi] [low] December 11, 2002 Finally, some more Charlotte pictures. I apologize for the delay; I finally got done with school and had a bit of free time to take these and get them up here. She couldn't decide whether she was happy or sad for several of these; hope you enjoy them! (39 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 25, 2002 Charlotte is 1 month old today, though sometimes I'm not sure where the time has gone. I think we got a couple of little smiles in here. (22 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 13, 2002 More new pictures with some different facial expressions. (5 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 05, 2002 Pictures of Charlotte sleeping on a pillow early this morning. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 03, 2002 Charlotte's bellybutton. She lost her umbilical cord some time last night. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 01, 2002 Charlotte's first bath. She didn't like it that much, but liked all of the attention afterwards. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 31, 2002 Charlotte's first Halloween, dressed up as a ghost. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 30, 2002 Pictures of Charlotte and Christina sleeping together. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 27, 2002 Pictures of Charlotte after coming home from the hospital. Some nice pictures with her eyes open. (16 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 26, 2002 More pictures of Charlotte from the hospital. (15 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 25, 2002 Charlotte Grace Tiffany was born today at 11:16 pm, 3 days after her due date. She is 7 pounds 10.6 ounces and 21 inches long with a full head of dark hair. Here are some pictures of Charlotte shortly after her birth. (9 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 22, 2002 Two pictures of Christina's belly on our due date. (2 pictures)

[hi] [low] June 18, 2002 We first saw many details, including some organs, and found out our baby is a girl. (5 pictures)