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September 6, 2011 There are videos of Madelyn's first birthday at

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[hi] [low] September 27, 2010

[hi] [low] June 30, 2011 Madelyn with four teeth, practicing smiling, waving, crawling, and reading books. (66 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 09, 2011 Madelyn's bow hat from the back. (11 pictures)

[hi] [low] May 08, 2011 Madelyn in her new bow hat. (60 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 06, 2011 Madelyn with her new leg warmers and booties. (26 pictures)

[hi] [low] April 04, 2011 Madelyn in the bath, playing with bubbles and eating her toes. (44 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 12, 2011 Madelyn in her bed. (3 pictures)

[hi] [low] March 05, 2011 Madelyn with two teeth. (12 pictures)

[hi] [low] February 22, 2011 Madelyn dressed for the cold in her coat and her new hat. (13 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 30, 2011 Madelyn in a pretty pink dress, then eating some cereal. (37 pictures)

[hi] [low] January 10, 2011 Madelyn on her play mat. (28 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 25, 2010 A not-so-happy Madelyn in her chair. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 15, 2010 Madelyn smiling in her swing. (10 pictures)

[hi] [low] November 07, 2010 Madelyn making goofy faces. (25 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 21, 2010 Madelyn wearing a hoodie Mommy made for Joshua. (20 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 18, 2010 Nathaniel being a good big brother to Madelyn. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] October 09, 2010 Madelyn sleeping on Daddy's pillow. (16 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 27, 2010 Madelyn's first bath. (6 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 15, 2010 All of the kids got a turn to hold Madelyn. (17 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 11, 2010 Our baby burrito, then a more awake baby. (23 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 08, 2010 Madelyn coming home from the hospital and meeting her brothers and sister. (24 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 07, 2010 Madelyn Rose Tiffany was born yesterday at 6:58 pm. She is 8 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long with a full head of dark hair. She's in the NICU for a couple days since Mommy had a fever during the delivery, so they're getting some antibiotics in her. (35 pictures)

[hi] [low] September 01, 2010 Madelyn about ready to pop. (14 pictures)